About Us

Joint Conferences.  Promote Your Passion.

We understand the limited financial resources most businesses face, which makes it very hard to grow and be seen. So we have developed a cross-marketing concept whereby you can increase your contact list and your visibility in front of potential clients in an affordable, easy and fun way. 

Joint Conferences lets you be a Speaker, Exhibitor or Sponsor in unlimited Conferences.  Each time you participate in one, everyone promotes the event to their respective lists, giving everyone exponentially more visibility than they could ever achieve by themselves. Plus, we will promote your conference on Free Online Conferences, Facebook, Google and Social Media.

Active members can earn up to 100% profit on affiliate fees when someone that they invite to Free Online Conferences purchases any Conference Video Packages. 

Best of all, your membership fees are tax deductible donations to a 501c3 ministry that provides Recovery services and vocational rehabilitation to people who struggle with addiction and past trauma.  Your membership fees pay their salaries, enable them to receive recovery services, and help them take care of their families financially.

So promote your passion alongside other people who are promoting theirs. Everyone increases their visibility and client lists, gets to share what they love to do, and even make money! 

Learn more about what we do and how we do it. For more information, use our Contact Us Form and we will do our best to answer all of your questions.

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