• What are Joint Conferences and Free Online Conferences?

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    • Joint Conferences and Free Online Conferences are 2 sides of the same coin. If you imagine a theater, with seats in the front, a stage with a presenter, and curtain behind him, that is Free Online Conferences - the place where people can attend unlimited free conferences on all types of topics. Behind the curtain is where the presenters prepare their presentations, exhibitors set up their booths, and everyone networks - this is Joint Conferences.
    • Joint Conferences promotes your passion to a worldwide audience while you earn up to 100% in affiliate commission. We are like a dating service that matches speakers, exhibitors and their target markets. Joint Conferences is for people who want to promote something they are passionate about, but do not have a big budget or access to a large audience. They are hungry for more visibility than they currently have, and are eager to join with other like-minded people to promote their passion using free online conferences as the platform.
    • Free Online Conferences is the public venue where we gather people together who hunger for information on various subjects. As each group of speakers and exhibitors promotes their conferences to their own followers and lists, the Free Online Conferences audience grows exponentially, bringing more visibility to each successive other conference that we host.
      Attendees can watch any presentation free for 24 hours from its time slot. After that point, they must purchase the video package to access the recordings and free giveaways. If an active Joint Conferences member invites someone to register at Free Online Conferences, and they purchase any video package, the Joint Conferences member receives 50% affiliate commission.
  • What are the expectations of me as a Speaker and Exhibitor?

    • How long should my presentation be?
      Your presentation can be as short or long as you need in order to cover your topic.
    • Where can I find out more information about the conference I want to participate in?
      Before a conference is made public, the only information available is the date of the conference, the deadline for submissions, the title and description of the conference, the host of the conference, and the participant invitation explaining who may apply.
    • Can I promote my products and services in the presentation?
      After you complete your presentation and provide valuable information to the attendees, you are free to share any resources you have with the attendees.
    • Do I need to pay in order to be an exhibitor or speaker?
      FREE Subscribers can be a FREE GUEST SPEAKER at one (1) conference. Otherwise, you need to be a paying member in order to participate in multiple conferences. You can participate one month at a time, or annually.
    • How does the scheduling of the presentations work?
      Speakers can basically choose their own dates and times within the framework of the conference dates.
    • When is my Full-Length Presentation Video due?
      Although we need all of your promotional information ready by the conference application deadline (your headshot, bio, commercial, product and freebie information), your Full-Length Presentation Video must be uploaded two (2) days prior to your time slot, giving you more time to perfect it.
    • What is required of me to participate as a Speaker?
      • The information about your presentation, which can be pre-recorded or live. You can do a presentation AND a breakout session, such as a Question and Answer session, or a Round Table discussion. You will also need a short 3 - 5 minute video to be used as a commercial for your presentation, and an image for the presentation. It is recommended that you show up at the time of your presentation and chat with your attendees.
      • The information about you and your business, as well as your free giveaway.
      • You must share the conference with your own followers and lists, along with each of your fellow participants.
  • What do I need to do a Breakout / Live Presentation?

    • You need to have a Zoom account and enter the zoom room in your Promotional Information page.
      You can get your Zoom account at https://Zoom.us.
      Then you need to put your Zoom Room number in your Promotional Information page. That link will show up when it is time for your live presentation.
      If you have a passcode on your Zoom Room, you should remove it for your live session, or add the password to the name of your Breakout Session Name.

    What does it mean to be a Host?

    • Your name, picture, business name, business url and logo always show up under the Conference Name wherever the Conference information is shown.
      Basically, you get top billing and a lot more visibility for hosting a conference.
    • You need to decide on a topic and a name for the conference.
      Think about what topic and name would best draw your target market and solve a problem for them.
    • You decide if this event is open for other members to apply to, or if you will be inviting specific people?
      If you make it public, then it will show up on the front page of Joint Conferences and allow members to apply to it.
      If you make it private, then you will have to make private invitations to people. If they are not currently members, they must join for the month to present with you.
    • You review the presentations and assign dates and times
      You will get an email notification every time someone formally submits their presentation for your review.
      However, you can see who is working on a presentation for your conference as well, so you can contact them if they haven't submitted the presentation so see if they are still interested.
      The presenters should give you some suggestions on their dates and times in the Notes To Host area. You enter in the date and time in EST for their presentation and breakout (if applicable) sessions.
    • You follow up with everyone to see if they have been promoting the conference.
      Contact each of them and ask how they have promoted the conference.
    • Make 50% on every bundled Conference Video Package sold, no matter who sells it
      As long as you are a member, you will receive 50% commission on videos sold, even 3 years after the conference.
  • What are the benefits of joining Joint Conferences?

    • Increasing your visibility exponentially with each conference in which you participate. Every participant shares the conference with their own followers. If you join 9 other presenters and exhibitors in a conference, each participant receives visibility in front of 9 other sets of lists and followers.
      You also receive visibility in front of the Joint Conferences members, Free Online Conferences audience, and your conferences are advertised with Facebook and Google Ads.
    • Inexpensive long-term digital marketing for less than $9 a month that guarantees you will be seen by your target market with every conference you participate in. With other types of marketing, you have no idea if you will be seen by your target market. With online conferences, you are guaranteed to be seen by people outside of your list, so you get the most return for your investment.
    • You can earn up to 100% in affiliate commissions through the sales of Video Conference Packages. You earn 50% for all sales on conferences that you host. You earn 50% of affiliate commissions for purchases made by people you referred to Free Online Conferences or Joint Conferences.
    • Unlike other online conferences, your conferences stay available indefinitely. Other online conferences disappear and are inaccessible after they are over. No one keeps promoting them. However, your conferences and presentations remain available and searchable through Free Online Conferences.
    • By being a presenter or exhibitor, you gain credibility as an expert in your field. You may have knowledge and passion and make an excellent speaker, but if no one invites you to speak, how will it ever happen? Well, here at Joint Conferences, you don't have to wait to be invited - you can host your own conferences and invite others to join you. You can also apply to be in other conferences. The possibilities are endless!
    • You can Network with other Members to create new partnerships and find potential clients and vendors.
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