We promote your passion to a worldwide audience while you earn up to 100% affiliate profits.

We are like a dating service that matches speakers and exhibitors with their target markets
  • This world is not "Field of Dreams". If you create it, they will not necessarily come...

    If you want people to see what you have to offer, YOU are going to have to DO something about it.
  • But don't feel bad, because most people are in the same boat as you are. They created a book or song or service or product as an act of passion, but then had no idea how to get it in front of the people who would enjoy it, even purchase it. It's a little like the dog that chased the car - when he finally caught it, he didn't know what to do with it!
  • I ask people, "What are you doing to promote your product or service? And how much have you sold?" Needless to say, the answer to both questions is usually the same. "Nothing." It's hard to sell something when you can't find an audience to talk to about it, but that's what you need to do.
  • But WHAT IF all those people in the same boat JOINED TOGETHER to promote EACH OTHER? WHAT IF they decided to do Conferences together in their different areas of expertise and passion?
  • What if they then promoted that conference to their respective Contact Lists? If there are 10 people in a conference, then each person gets introduced to 9 new sets of contacts! How else can you obtain so much visibility and access to so many contact lists so quickly, easily and cheaply?
  • Never done an online conference before? No problem. We'll lead you step-by-step and even help you do it! If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop with a video camera, you have the capacity to do everything required. We will set you up with free and low-cost services to use for your portion of the Conference. Booth owners can even receive an email alert when someone is in your video conference room and wants to talk to you.
  • Not a speaker? Then be an Exhibitor or Sponsor. In every Conference there are vendor booths introducing people to new products and services. Our conferences have virtual booths where people can view your site and talk with you about your offerings via chat room or video conference room (your choice). You can offer free giveaways so you can capture their email address for your mailing list.
  • Sponsors simply advertise in the conference in exchange for promoting the conference. Maybe you don't want to speak or do a booth. You can have your logo placed in emails and in the virtual conference rooms. You can even offer a free giveaway to some lucky contest winners. Easy-peasy - something for everyone's speed and energy.
  • UPSELL - that's another thing you can do to increase your income. Normally, there are so many live free sessions that people don't have time to watch them all. So you package ALL the recorded videos of the Speakers and Breakout Sessions, Bonuses and Free Giveways and sell them to your attendees and to people who didn't get a chance to participate.
    • Profits are calculated by deducting Paypal and handling/affiliate fees from gross sales prices*. Payments to affiliates are also subject to Paypal fees at distribution.
    • If you host an event, you get 50% of the profits* of your recording package sales.
    • If you get people to register and purchase the recordings, you get 50% of the profits* from those sales.
    • If someone registered under you as an affiliate makes a sale, you get $5.
    * There is a $5 per package handling fee and $5 per package affiliate fee. $5 goes to Joint Conferences for handling and distributing fees and $5 is set aside for you in case one of your affiliates made a sale. If there is no affiliate, that $5 goes back into the profits.
  • Feel uncomfortable asking other people to be in your conference, or to be in theirs? We've taken care of that, too. This entire site is FILLED with people who WANT to participate in conferences AND want others to join their conference. You post that you want to hold a Conference on a particular subject and invite everyone else to apply as a participant. You select who will speak, exhibit and sponsor. We're a little like an Online Dating site for potential Speakers, Exhibitors and Sponsors. Check everyone out and see who would be a good fit for your Conference.
  • Want to invite out-of-Network Speakers and Exhibitors? They can use our Conference platform for only $14.95/month and cancel when your event is over (or hopefully join us and participate in more conferences!)
  • Now here's the BEST part. Your Membership fee is a tax-deductible donation to men and women in recovery from substance abuse and childhood trauma. RPM Ministries Inc has been in the recovery ministry since 2011 with Celebrate Recovery, Classes, Counseling and now our Residential Recovery House. Your money goes to our United Way Joint Project to create a business so that poverty-level men and women can work a safe job to pay for their recovery and help support their families. Learn more about the United Way Spark Prize that is making this happen.