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Joint Conferences is a place where entrepreneurs, artists, authors, speakers and ministers can promote themselves in a fun, affordable and efficient way.  They join together with other members to create and promote different types of free online events, such as conferences, festivals, expos, etc. Their events are also promoted at  

They can also upsell their event recordings to their free attendees, as well as offer free giveaways to capture attendee email addresses.  By offering 50% referral fees to anyone who will promote the conference, both attendees and Members can earn additional money by simply promoting free events.  Whoever hosts (organizes and oversees) the event keeps the other 50%.

Joint Conferences provides the platform for the online events, including

  • Easy event creation and Participant Invitations.  You can host an event or participate in someone else's event.
  • Training and help setting up the conference and the free tools needed to conduct the online events,
  • a central place to store and replay the recordings for conference attendees and recording purchasers,
  • a promotional website ( to expand the audience of all Conference participants
  • a central location for attendees to purchase the event recordings while keeping track of and paying out affiliate fees. 

You can participate in as many events as you like, so you are continually introducing yourself to as many people as possible.  We cross promote one another's events to gain more visibility, more clients and followers, and even to earn money from upselling the recordings.  

Best of all, the money raised from Joint Conferences is used for vocational training and jobs for people in recovery from substance abuse.

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Publish Date: 10-06-2018 19:36:35

Penny Haynes will be sharing Joint Conferences and Free Online Conferences with the National Christian Counselors Association on October 12, 2018 in Myrtle Beach. Penny, who is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor, will be speaking on "How to Build Your Digital Tribe".

Penny Haynes Speaks At the National Christian Counselors Assocation