Joi Ross's profile

Joi Ross, CEO of Joi Ross Consulting and APEX Direct, Inc Joi Ross is committed to giving her time, talents, and resources to bring love and light to those who are hurting. She is author, trainer, mentor, consultant and CEO of Joi Ross Consulting. Her focus is helping others to identify and tap into their spiritual power; achieve freedom and experience abundance; and identify and remove limiting beliefs and mindsets that too often hold us back from fulfilling the dreams and visions we were created to achieve. In 2003 Joi founded and remains CEO of APEX Direct Inc., a small consulting firm specializing in public awareness, stakeholder engagement, and education; training and development on effective communication, implicit bias, and customer service excellence; and environmental justice. Before starting APEX, she served as Communications Director for a large engineering and environmental sustainability consulting firm. In addition, during the Coronavirus pandemic, she co-founded a nonprofit organization to empower, educate, and elevate women and children in underserved communities. Joi is a lover of God and people. Those who know her well describe her as warm, kind, and down to earth. She expresses this by embracing others and meeting them wherever they are; and helping them to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Her book, Breaking the Cycle of Temptation, Addiction & Guilt: From the Inside-Out, is scheduled for release by April 2021. Joi Ross Consulting (Author, Trainer, Coach): APEX Direct Inc, (CEO of Communications Consulting Firm),